8 Simple Winter Nail Art Ideas

While it’s important to be safe during the winter, you don’t have to skip on beautiful nails just because it’s cold outside. With these eight simple winter nail art ideas, you can keep your nails looking great without having to travel far from home or suffer long manicures in the salon.Whether your thing is natural short or long acrylic nails, spice up your fall nail art with these latest trends.

The colder months of the year can often wreak havoc on your nails, resulting in cracks and splits that make even the simplest nail polish look bad. But while it may seem like there’s nothing you can do to keep your nails looking clean and polished all winter long, these 8 simple winter nail art ideas will give you back your gorgeous nails in no time!

Brown Angled Tips

Keep it simple with some brown or beige angled tips. Using a nude base and darker accent colour. A fresh take on french manicured tips!

Auburn Swirls

Swirls in vibrant colours were a key summer trend, so adapt this design for winter with a dark brown or burgundy shade on a fresh nude base.

Tortoise Shell

Perfect for short or long nails, the classic Tortoise Shell design adds a flair to your usual mani!

Deep Greens

From Balenciaga green to Neon greens, they`re always great for a subtle statement nail.

Black Tips

A classy update on the classic white french manicure. Black tips are a firm favourite any time of the year.

Metallic Ascents

Soft nude with simple square detail.

Completely Nude

Go back to the basics with a clean nude shade to suit your skin tone this autumn.

Green Marble

Reimagine your marble nail art. Go for the full nail or just tips. Mable nail art is a trend which is here to stay.

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