Refillable Makeup Takes The Lead

The Future of Make Up is Refillable

Beauty is taking a more sustainable approach to the future by swopping out single use products and opting for products which can be refilled over and over again.

The cosmetics and personal care industry generates a lot of unnecessary rubbish. According to Zero Waste Week – an annual awareness campaign – the 120 billion units of packaging produced each year accounts for around 30-40 per cent of the total landfill waste.

 Increased awareness from consumers calling for a serious packaging overhaul, has led to new innovations. Recyclable products are the first step, the next is to stop the waste from being produced in the first place. Recycle all beauty empties with The Pro Box.

This concept isn’t entirely new either – the likes of Mac, Aveda and Stila have been doing it for years – but it’s quickly becoming the norm as the pressure to find eco-friendly, waste-free solutions becomes increasingly pressing. It has also expanded to far more products, covering makeup, skincare and fragrances.

Products which cut down on packaging but not on “Wow Factor”.

Here are some of our favorites

Hourglass Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick £31, Refill £20

Achieve beautifully rich, saturated colour and a new level of lip-wear luxury with Hourglass’ sleek, chic Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick. Encased in a gorgeous golden applicator, this refillable lipstick can be used with the full collection of {Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick Refill Totally vegan, there’s no reason not to love this luscious lip formula.

MAC Refillable Palette £10

MAC Refillable Palette

an ultra-slim, stackable, easy-to-use palette that fits two eye shadows or concealers. Refill your palette as many times as you please!

Rouge Dior Couture Matte Lip stick Refill £25.50

Rouge Dior Couture matte lipstick refill

Refillable lipstick with 4 couture finishes: satin, matte, metallic & new velvet. True floral lip care, it is enriched with red peony and pomegranate flower extracts of natural origin. Rouge Dior dresses the lips in 70 bold colours with satin, matte, metallic or velvet finishes. Long-wear lipstick that ensures 16 hours of comfort* on the lips.

Surratte Refillable Brow Pencil £38

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